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A Week Off! October 1, 2009

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I had last week off  and boy, did I need it.  I did not take the usual vacation but I had such a good time being a stay at home mom to my little guy and also got some sewing time in.  I have gotten my fence rail quilt (pattern found here)done and just need to do the edging on the quilt which is a nice fall weather project to have at the end of the day.  I also made many more crayon rolls for Elvis to give out as birthday presents later this year.  Elvis also made his first apple pie with momma just helping to put in the cut up apples.  I was proud of him and he really got into the stirring.  We used a different recipe because I had some sour cream that needed to be used up, it was called Sour Cream Apple Pie.  I was also very proud of Elvis for learning to use the computer.  I have been letting him play some games and he was happy playing with mom but wanted to learn how to do it on his own.  I was worried that he would not get the concept of the mouse but was I wrong!  It only took me showing him a couple times and he was off and has not stopped yet.  It is nice that the computer is set up in the same room as the sewing machine and it would keep him busy learning while I sewed.  We also took a small ride with Uncles and Grandma to the neighboring towns for some thrift store shopping.  I found me lots of goodies in the terms of clothing and have been enjoying them this week back at work.  Still did not find that darn camera!  I wish I had to be able to post some pictures. 

Elvis has also been enjoying Soccer even though momma is not.  It is hard for me because Elvis would rather play with the other kids then play soccer.  He also loves to be the clown that the parents watching the game laugh at.  I hope he starts getting into it but at least he is having fun.  He is also doing gymnastics again for his third year and is doing really good and really listens to  teachers for that one.


Wishes June 5, 2009

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boxesI have big plans, make that wishes, for this weekend. I sure hope I can get my new house into some kind of working order. I have had a hard week going home after working and having to work some-more to get my house done. The problem is that I am down to those boxes of junk that I did not know what to do at the old house and now I don’t know what to do with at my new house. I hope I have more strength this weekend to get rid of more of this stuff or at least set it aside for a garage sale. I have a harder time getting rid of stuff lately because we live in such a small town. If I plan to do a project I can’t just run out to the nearest hobbie Lobby to get what I need because it is a 4 hour round trip. I collect stuff for that when I have time project and then don’t have time because I am always sorting the mess of what I have collected. One day I will get to play around with what I have collected and make some wonderful projects and my collection mess will be much more under controll… well I can wish can’t I?

Elvis has also informed me that he needs a pet fish for his new room. We have not had luck with fish in the past but I think I can give it one more shot. He is old enough to pick out the one he wants so I think I will take him to get one tomorrow.


Apron Model January 23, 2009

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Elvis Modeling Scooby-Doo Apron

Elvis Modeling Scooby-Doo Apron

Here is the apron Elvis and I made him last weekend.  It is reversible so he can wear it on the Scooby-Doo side or the McQueen side, which ever he feels like.

Elvis Modeling McQueen Apron

Elvis Modeling McQueen Apron


Sewing projects January 22, 2009

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Elvis has been “helping” me sew, at least that is what he calls it.  I have almost had him put stitches in my fingers three times now.  He sneaks over and presses the pedal all the way down.  I am trying to include him in the sewing and I let him cut the threads and help me guide the fabric so he will learn the proper way to use the sewing machine and not abuse it.  We made the “Uncle’s” puppies vests since they get so cold here in the Valley where we live.  They were very easy and quick to make.  We got the pattern from here at

Elvis as Batman

Elvis as Batman

Elvis also wanted to show “Uncle’s” his Batman pajamas and mask on Tuesday when he went over to their house for the day.  He was so excited and wanted me to make sure that the mask was on and his coat was off before he went in to see them, even though the morning was very cold.  My mom snapped some pictures of him.  Notice how he is modeling and showing off his cape.