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Why worry? January 15, 2010

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I know I have been away from my blog for a month, I wish I could say that I was on some exotic vacation and had no worries or cares in the world, but I can not.  I have been very worried about my very sick dog, who has already had one surgery and is going back to the vet today because the surgery did not help.  Along with other things that are normal worries.  I do have plans to post some of my crafts I got done over Christmas break.  I did get a lot of those done, they help me when I am up early worrying.  I was thinking this morning that I know not to worry and to just leave everything in Gods very capable hands but I still worry.  Maybe I worry because God tells me that if I am to busy to make time to study His word then he will make it for me.  I have found that I wake up often around three in the morning to worry, I can’t clean and wake Elvis up and I don’t want to make too much noise so reading is the best thing and reading my Bible helps me have a much better day.  I am also a very heavy sleeper and most days can not drag myself out of bed if I don’t find myself up early worrying.  I wonder if my worries are God’s way of telling me to read my Bible.  Just a thought. 

Anyways, since I have again been up since three, I thought I would try to get a post in, my hopes are to post my crafts this weekend but who knows what else might come up.  I did want to post about Elvis’ new bedtime routine.  After he has taken a bath and gotten his pjs on and before he says his prayers and gets his goodnight kiss he always asks to watch the following on YouTube:

I guess we all have our own likes and I guess he got it from his Grandpo Allan’s side of the family.  Elvis knows the whole song and sings it often, often belting it out in the middle of the store for all to hear, as Momma pretends not to know him, even though I am secretly proud of my boy of three to know the words of this very complicated song.  Oh well, my infatuation has always been for Elvis and the 50’s maybe I have an Italian chef on my hands who will play Dean Martin in the background as he cooks.