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It is Monday again. November 30, 2009

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1. Favorite

2. Favorite color-Periwinkle

3. Facebook? {Post a link or share your name if you want some new Facebook friends!}-yes, here.

4. Favorite Christmas song?

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake?-Most years fake, this year it is a white one.

6. Hottest celebrity?-I will agree with People Magazine, Johnny Depp.

7. Favorite restaurant?-Nino’s locally, Olive Garden out-of-town.

8. Favorite magazine?-Family Fun, I can’t wait to look through it when I get it in the mail.

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays?-Eggnog latte

10. Favorite Christmas movie.-Sunvalley sarinade and Charlie Browns Christmas.

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2 Responses to “It is Monday again.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I love family fun! Such a great magazine! I completely forgot about that one!

  2. Tammy Says:

    I checked out Craftgossip. It looks neat. I haven’t thought of periwinkle since the last time I colored. (Not so long ago), I’m always coloring with my daughter. I’ve never heard of Sunvalley Sarinade I’ll have to check it out. Nice list.

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