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It is Monday again. November 30, 2009

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1. Favorite

2. Favorite color-Periwinkle

3. Facebook? {Post a link or share your name if you want some new Facebook friends!}-yes, here.

4. Favorite Christmas song?

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake?-Most years fake, this year it is a white one.

6. Hottest celebrity?-I will agree with People Magazine, Johnny Depp.

7. Favorite restaurant?-Nino’s locally, Olive Garden out-of-town.

8. Favorite magazine?-Family Fun, I can’t wait to look through it when I get it in the mail.

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays?-Eggnog latte

10. Favorite Christmas movie.-Sunvalley sarinade and Charlie Browns Christmas.

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Friend Makin’ November 24, 2009

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Moments of Mommyhood, when I came across this and it looked like fun to participate in, even though I am a day behind.This week, it’s all about Thanksgiving.

1. Turkey or Ham? Vegetarian Turkey roll
2. Favorite side dish.  Cranberry Sauce
3. Favorite dessert.  Pumpkin Pie
4. Black Friday: Are you going or not? Yes, with my sister
5. If so, what’s on the top of your list?  A new digital camera
6. Going out of town or staying close to home? Staying Home
7. Hosting or helping? Hosting, my first!
8. Name one family tradition at Thanksgiving. Watching the parade
9. What do you do after dinner? Play cards or put together a puzzle
10. What are you most thankful for this year? My family, having a job,and my new house.



Thomas the Train Room November 20, 2009

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I have been busy both at work and at home to get a post in and am still mad that I can’t find my camera and am going to ask Santa for a new one for Christmas.  We have been working hard to decorate Elvis’ room in a Thomas the Tank theme, hoping this will help him to sleep in his own bed better.  He has been waking up at two and crawling in bed with me which wakes me up and puts me in a cranky mood.  I would take any advise on how to keep Elvis in his own bed all night so I can get some sleep.  I sewed him a new Thomas quilt, pillow case and curtains and my husband painted the walls and put wall clings up.  I love it and like how it is all a theme.  I am almost done with my own room and making it purple and green, I am working on embroidering some pillow cases and fixing some curtains now.  I hope I will have it done by next week, I am having my sister and her husband over for Thanksgiving and would like to have the rooms done by then but I am not going to stress about it because I can always have her stop by when I do get them done.  I want to work on the play/sewing room next and get some organization to it next.  RockstarMy friend Katie has introduced me to Rockstars and that has helped me to get some more done but the next day I am feeling the no sleep from them.  I only really like the taste of the coffee flavored ones but I have not tried that many of them.  I better not get hooked on them but they are helping me get a few more things done.