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Soccer Mom September 11, 2009

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Elvis starts soccer tomorrow! He is very excited and has already tried on his special socks, the ones with the shin guards in them. We have never been a soccer family but it is the only sport where they start kids this young. Elvis would love to play baseball, he carries his bat everywhere. I hope he has fun and I hope he stops talking long enough to play. He had some friends come over and play tonight and would not be quiet enough to play he just ran around behind them telling them what they were doing and that they better not do that. I think he is going to be an ESPN commentary when he grows up.

My friend Katie has dared me to put up my list of projects and I am working on it. I got to cross off a few thing off of it this last three day weekend. I got Elvis some donuts made for his play kitchen thanks to the great tutorial¬†on Skip to my Lou and have found out how much fun it is to sew felt! I think I might be in trouble of having another craft to love. My list is getting so long I don’t know what I want to work on next. I also have wanted some placements for my table and have found an awesome way to make them. I am trying to make my kitchen look kind of Mad Hatter-ish with lots of tea cups, pots and lots of colors.

I need to let the dog out for the night and then get some sleep, Elvis has to be at practice at 8:30. I guess I am now a soccer mom!