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Life August 25, 2009

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lovelyI hate that I have not posted regular, especially now that I have the Internet at home.  I think about it often but get turned off when I think how nice a picture of what I am doing would look with the post.  Then I get mad at myself for still not finding my camera and start looking through stuff trying to find that camera.  By the time I give up I have forgotten what I was going to post.  You better watch out, once I find my camera you will be overwhelmed by posts.

My son Elvis is studying Elephants this week with his dad.  I found some good books, movies, and even a puppet at the library for him and he seems to be having fun.

I have been finally catching up at work.  It has been a long summer of me feeling so overwhelmed at work that I have not done much at home.  Now that the work load has lessened on my shoulder my mind is going wild with projects that I am just itching to do, or at least get started on.  I have many lists started so I won’t forget what I want to do.  Maybe I will post a list, that way I will feel forced to get it done because others know about it.


One Response to “Life”

  1. Katie Says:

    Post the list…..we will be watching!
    bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha

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