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Catch Up August 1, 2009

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Elvis Third BirthdayElvis had a wonderful birthday last weekend and keeps asking if he gets to have another party.  I can’t beleive he is already three but he always remembers to remind me that is how old he is.  He was a little too excited to eat, but that was alright, he wanted to play with his friends and family much more.  It was just the right weather too, I thought it might rain on us but nope we had a good day.  His wish, though, was not expected!  He wished for a real rabbit.  That was the first I had heard of that wish, maybe next year for his birthday.

betta-cartoonElvis did get to go today and get a new pet.  He has asked since we told him we were moving for a fish for his room.  He and I went this morning to get a betta fish.  I was worried the little guy would not make it home from being looked at so many times.  We got the little fish tank set up and I asked what the fishes name was going to be.  Elvis is really enjoying the story of Jonah and the Whale and I thought for sure he was going to be named Jonah.  Nope, We now have a fish named…drum roll please…Fishy.  How unique, but at least he named the little guy all by himself.  After getting Fishy settled in his new home I started in on lunch.  Elvis was a bit to quiet, the kind of quiet you know he is up to something.  I went in to find him with his hand in the fish bowl.  “It’s OK momma, I was just petting him.”  With that kind of statement I don’t know how long he will be a member of our family but Elvis already wants to learn all about fish now so it has become a good learning experience.

We have also been enjoying our small garden, we have started to get zuchini from it and have a couple pumpkins now growing.  I love to garden and to be outside so I am glad that my son has also started to enjoy it.   I have been so busy at work and will not get to take my vacation as I had planned in the summer but rather in the fall so maybe Elvis and I can get the garden all set up for next summers adventures.


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