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Eventful Weekend August 31, 2009

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Skip to my Lou's Crayon roll

Skip to my Lou's Crayon roll

Elvis and I had a very full and eventful weekend and I am proud of how much we got done.  Elvis had a play-date with one of his good friends and his mom just happens to be one of my good friends so that made for a nice get away and a chance to enjoy talking.  When we got done playing at the park we had to go to some of the stores that we don’t get to go to much.  We went to the thrift store and though we searched hard trying to find something that excited us we could not find anything.  Oh well, that is how thrifting goes, some times you find stuff sometimes you don’t.  We did have a little luck at a few garage sales we stopped at.  I found Elvis some clothes and he found some dalmatian “nick-knacks” that he wanted for his room.  He also decided he really likes the “nick-knacks” word the lady used and had to point out any nick-knacks he found the whole day.

When we got home and got lunch and some study time in we then made a crayon roll with the help of Skip to My Lou blog and tutorial.  I had been wanting to make Elvis one of these for a while but he first went through an eating crayon faze and then I got to busy to make him one.  Well when we went shopping this last time he got to get new crayons because they were having the back to school sales and I had to get the roll made.  I used an old pair of jeans that Daddy was throwing out because they had a hole in them.  The jeans made a great outside and then I put red in the inside of the roll.  This was so easy and fun we went ahead and made one for his colored pencils as well.  He also asked for one for his friend so I will try to get that made before we meet up with them at the park this weekend.

Then we made Grandpo some Zucchini muffins with our abundance of garden Zucchini.  We also made Zucchini Parmesan.  He loves to cook, I think because he is allowed to make somewhat of a mess in the kitchen because I can clean it up.


Life August 25, 2009

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lovelyI hate that I have not posted regular, especially now that I have the Internet at home.  I think about it often but get turned off when I think how nice a picture of what I am doing would look with the post.  Then I get mad at myself for still not finding my camera and start looking through stuff trying to find that camera.  By the time I give up I have forgotten what I was going to post.  You better watch out, once I find my camera you will be overwhelmed by posts.

My son Elvis is studying Elephants this week with his dad.  I found some good books, movies, and even a puppet at the library for him and he seems to be having fun.

I have been finally catching up at work.  It has been a long summer of me feeling so overwhelmed at work that I have not done much at home.  Now that the work load has lessened on my shoulder my mind is going wild with projects that I am just itching to do, or at least get started on.  I have many lists started so I won’t forget what I want to do.  Maybe I will post a list, that way I will feel forced to get it done because others know about it.


Catch Up August 1, 2009

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Elvis Third BirthdayElvis had a wonderful birthday last weekend and keeps asking if he gets to have another party.  I can’t beleive he is already three but he always remembers to remind me that is how old he is.  He was a little too excited to eat, but that was alright, he wanted to play with his friends and family much more.  It was just the right weather too, I thought it might rain on us but nope we had a good day.  His wish, though, was not expected!  He wished for a real rabbit.  That was the first I had heard of that wish, maybe next year for his birthday.

betta-cartoonElvis did get to go today and get a new pet.  He has asked since we told him we were moving for a fish for his room.  He and I went this morning to get a betta fish.  I was worried the little guy would not make it home from being looked at so many times.  We got the little fish tank set up and I asked what the fishes name was going to be.  Elvis is really enjoying the story of Jonah and the Whale and I thought for sure he was going to be named Jonah.  Nope, We now have a fish named…drum roll please…Fishy.  How unique, but at least he named the little guy all by himself.  After getting Fishy settled in his new home I started in on lunch.  Elvis was a bit to quiet, the kind of quiet you know he is up to something.  I went in to find him with his hand in the fish bowl.  “It’s OK momma, I was just petting him.”  With that kind of statement I don’t know how long he will be a member of our family but Elvis already wants to learn all about fish now so it has become a good learning experience.

We have also been enjoying our small garden, we have started to get zuchini from it and have a couple pumpkins now growing.  I love to garden and to be outside so I am glad that my son has also started to enjoy it.   I have been so busy at work and will not get to take my vacation as I had planned in the summer but rather in the fall so maybe Elvis and I can get the garden all set up for next summers adventures.