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Wishes June 5, 2009

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boxesI have big plans, make that wishes, for this weekend. I sure hope I can get my new house into some kind of working order. I have had a hard week going home after working and having to work some-more to get my house done. The problem is that I am down to those boxes of junk that I did not know what to do at the old house and now I don’t know what to do with at my new house. I hope I have more strength this weekend to get rid of more of this stuff or at least set it aside for a garage sale. I have a harder time getting rid of stuff lately because we live in such a small town. If I plan to do a project I can’t just run out to the nearest hobbie Lobby to get what I need because it is a 4 hour round trip. I collect stuff for that when I have time project and then don’t have time because I am always sorting the mess of what I have collected. One day I will get to play around with what I have collected and make some wonderful projects and my collection mess will be much more under controll… well I can wish can’t I?

Elvis has also informed me that he needs a pet fish for his new room. We have not had luck with fish in the past but I think I can give it one more shot. He is old enough to pick out the one he wants so I think I will take him to get one tomorrow.


Update June 1, 2009

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ME House

ME House

I am still here I promise.  I just bought my first home and it has been crazy moving in and then cleaning the rental.  I finally see light at the end of the tunnel even though it seems a long way off.  Maybe I will get things sorted out so I won’t have to do this intense of a spring clean for awhile.  I know one thing, if I get the energy I am going to have one huge garage sale this summer.