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Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2009

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April Update April 17, 2009

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Worm in Apple

Worm in Apple

I have not posted much but we have been busy!  April started off with April Fools Day and Momma played an trick on her boy and he loved it and asked for more all week.  The Apple was sitting one the table with the plain side to him and then he turned it around to find the candy gummy worm coming out of it.

Bug Easter Eggs

Bug Easter Eggs

Elvis had fun and really got into Easter this year.  We checked out some books at the library about the true meaning of Easter and studied those along with doing the Easter egg coloring and lamb and bunny art projects.  Auntie Karie had bought Elvis his egg coloring kit which was bugs and it was a big hit.  Elvis is still playing with the eggs like they are new toys.

Elvis and his Easter egg

Elvis and his Easter egg

The Easter Bunny stopped by and gave Elvis a helmet and pads for Easter and those won’t come off either.  He was wearing them as he hopped around in the 5-6 inches of snow we had gotten in the middle of the night.
Elvis and his Easter basket

Elvis and his Easter basket

66bf40ec727ac2f4We also went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens after our friend Katie recommended it. It was a good movie and Elvis sat staring at the screen eating his “Movie popcorn”. Elvis at the movies
Elvis at the movies


Nerd Test April 15, 2009

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Card Class and Lost Puppy April 3, 2009

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Stampinup card project

Stampinup card project

Last night I went to a card decorating class with some friends. We learned how to make two beautiful cards and it seemed so easy. It is one of those things that if you want you can buy stuff – convenient. I wanted everything in the catalog! But to get everything to make the cards yourself at home would cost a small fortune with the special paper, the die-cuts, the stamps, and all the bells a whistles that go along with it. Not to mention the time to cut everything out, in the class it is already cut out, and the time to put it together. I would love to have this as a hobby but since I don’t have the time or money for it right now I will keep it as a if I win the lottery hobby. They did get me to buy a set of tattoo stamps and ink kit for Elvis. We’ll see what it is like when I get it in in a week.

Then when I got home and had let the dog out for the night she snuck out the front gate. I went out to call her and call her. I could not see her and she was not coming and my heart stopped. I have been feeling guilty about not spending much time with her lately since I have been trying to get some spring cleaning done and Elvis has been right beside me taking more time and then this happened. Also being a black dog and it being such a dark night I was sure I was going to find her hit on the road somewhere as I started walking the roads to find her all the time calling for her. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy trying to find my dog but using the call “Here kitty-kitty” Ever since she was a pup that has been the only call she comes running to. I had been outside freezing having the worse thoughts running through my head for 20 minutes when I heard a small clanging noise. The kind of noise her tags on her collar make when she runs. She came running to me from clear down the busy road a couple blocks down. She must have ran after something like a cat or deer, and I was very lucky and relieved she was not hit by a car and had heard me calling. When I got back in the house Elvis and I kneeled by his bed to say his prayers and said an extra special thank you for bringing our puppy home safely.

Things planned for this weekend:
Spending some time with our dog!
Get some more Spring Cleaning done.
Get our Easter eggs colored and other Easter projects done.
Get some more of my Quilt done.

I hope I at least get a dent of these things done.