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Spoiled Little Boy March 19, 2009

Filed under: My son Elvis — kristinskaleidoscope @ 8:54 pm

Elvis is one spoiled little boy and you could really tell this weekend.  We took him to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO and were we impressed.  This zoo was gorgeous and right off you get to go in and feed the giraffes. The walk way is closer to their heads so they come over and take the cracker right from your hand.  Check out this link for there live cam  We gave this a thumbs up and would definitely go again.

Next we went and picked up his cousin Luke for a boys night out at the Thomas and Friends live on stagethomaslivepage08smThere is a three year difference in the boys but they both had a blast and sat with their mouths open in awe  I could not figure out how the trains moved and the eyes and mouths were moving as well!

The next day as we were heading home we decided to swing by the Cave of the Winds. Elvis thought that it was Batman’s cave which made it more entertaining to him. He was also the entertainment for the tour group as well. He would say things like “Hurry guys, run for your lives” and “Whoa guys watch out” and then “Look Robins over there” .  He talked non stop the whole time and then once we sat him in the car he was out like a light, it wore him out being center of attention.

It just goes to show how much fun you can have discovering your own state. I had never done any of those things and it was even more fun to see it all in my sons eyes.


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