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New, Old Show February 12, 2009

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gummi-bearsElvis got to go and stay at Grandma’s house yesterday.  She has been letting him watch some old recorded TV shows that we watched and loved when we were kids.  The one he has falling in love with is “Gummi Bears”. This was one of my brothers favorites and he had collected many of the toys.  He dug out the toys for Elvis to play with and Elvis was so excited!  Elvis also has gotten very good at singing the song
mirrorNotice the Scooby-Doo shirt Elvis is wearing.  This was the one him and momma made for him.  It was pretty easy to make so I think we will be making some more for him.  The pattern is from Simplicity.

We are having a dessert auction at work tomorrow, I have decided to make some truffles, they are fun to make, come out looking like you worked real hard on them but they are really easy.  Elvis and I will be busy making these tonight.  He won’t make momma make these alone.  Also our friend let us borrow the tractor cake pan that she used for her sons birthday.  It was the party I bloged about earlier, ever since that day Elvis has been talking about the cake.  We made the cake last night and he won’t let me forget to frost it tonight.


One Response to “New, Old Show”

  1. jenny Says:

    My boys listen to The Gummy Bears theme song on the computer all the time!!!

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