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Weekend Update February 9, 2009

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book1I was very satisfied with all that I got done this weekend.  Let’s see if I still am when I get home tonight.  I think I get so much done on the weekend and then when I get home from work on Monday night I see how much needs to be done and I sit and wonder what I did all weekend, so it is good to have it in writing what I got done.  Elvis and I got a trip to the Library in where we checked out many new adventures.  I had looked up many of the books before we went to the Library so I knew what I was getting but that did not help to much when Elvis is talking to loud and wanting to run away from momma.  At least the librarians were understanding, I thought they were going to ask us to leave.  We went from there to a local thrift store, mom had told us about some books on tape she had found there that Elvis might like.  Then we were off for a picnic with Gramma, GGma, GGpa, Auntie, and Uncles.  Elvis was so excited to see them that he did not care that it started to get cold half way through our meal.  When we got home we did a lot of reading and a few art projects, plus making brownies. 

haircut.Sunday after I took the morning to clean the house, dishes, and the dog (yes, Rose got a bath!)  Elvis got a haircut.  He got a bath to get the “itchy hair” off and then he ran around the house saying, “Elvis clean, Rose clean” (Using his and the dog’s real names of course:)).  Then he helped me sew, he is getting very good at helping me and is guiding the fabric through, with just a little help from mom(wink).


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