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The Ladder February 2, 2009

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ladderElvis and I got a lot done this weekend, even making a bigger mess.  We had our good friend Jackie stop by Saturday morning with her new puppy.  Lacey, the puppy, was so cute she made me want one.  Then Elvis had a birthday party to attend that evening so we had to go get a present, get a nap in and get him to the party.  His little buddy turned two.  Sunday we went to my mom and dad’s house for the morning.  Then it was grocery shopping and art projects in the afternoon.  The art projects also carried into the evening, even though we were suppose to be getting ready for the week.   When we got home in the afternoon Elvis was dawdling behind me and when I looked back he pointed to the afternoon sky where an early moon was showing.  “Look momma, the moon, (Elvis) needs a ladder.”  I don’t know where he learned to get to things with a ladder but it was very cute.


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