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Sewing projects January 22, 2009

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Elvis has been “helping” me sew, at least that is what he calls it.  I have almost had him put stitches in my fingers three times now.  He sneaks over and presses the pedal all the way down.  I am trying to include him in the sewing and I let him cut the threads and help me guide the fabric so he will learn the proper way to use the sewing machine and not abuse it.  We made the “Uncle’s” puppies vests since they get so cold here in the Valley where we live.  They were very easy and quick to make.  We got the pattern from here at

Elvis as Batman

Elvis as Batman

Elvis also wanted to show “Uncle’s” his Batman pajamas and mask on Tuesday when he went over to their house for the day.  He was so excited and wanted me to make sure that the mask was on and his coat was off before he went in to see them, even though the morning was very cold.  My mom snapped some pictures of him.  Notice how he is modeling and showing off his cape.


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