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Weekend Update January 19, 2009

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Baby Elvis Sleeping

Baby Elvis Sleeping

My weekend went so much better then my week last week.  I hope it continues on this week.  Elvis and I got a lot done this weekend, which always makes me feel better.  We were still recovering from our colds we had so we took a nap both days and was it good to take a nap!  We also made it to the Library, we have not had a chance to go since it has been cold and we have been sick.  We got many books and some movies. 

Clifford BookElvis is into Clifford the Big Red Dog this week and wanted those books, and we found a movie of him. 

"Be My Dishcloth"

"Be My Dishcloth"

My friend Katie showed me how to purl and sent me this design for a washcloth. It is called “Be My Dishcloth” and it is found here at KrisKnits.  I started it this weekend.  It doesn’t look like this lady’s but it is my first with a design and my first experience purling.  I hope it turns out alright.


Elvis decided he wanted cake this weekend, since we had to go grocery shopping I let him pick out what kind of cake and we worked hard Sunday making a cake with sprinkles on top.  Everything is better with sprinkles on top!  My Grandma made me an apron for Christmas and Elvis has been very jealous of it.  So we bought Scooby-doo fabric and Lightning McQueen fabric and made him an apron.  He was very good at modeling it for me.


One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Katie Says:

    I hope I can start my washcloth soon. Valentine’s is coming too soon.

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