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Weekend Plans January 9, 2009

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"Sweet Dreams (Little Cowboy)"
“Sweet Dreams (Little Cowboy)”

Elvis and I are reading a daily devotional for kids.  So far it is going good and he reminds me every night that we need to read.  He is having a little trouble figuring out why we pray and told me “(Elvis) does not understand why we pray”.  He always talks in third person and it sounded so cute that it was hard to take him serious, but my goal for this Sabbath is to help him understand why we pray.   

I am feeling a lot better, if only my ear would clear up.  I am hoping my feeling better will result in getting a lot done over the weekend.  I really need to do some house work since I have not had much energy from being sick to pick up much and keep on top of it through out the week.  I also have so many projects running through my head that I would like to get started on.  My Mom and Dad got me my own sewing machine for Christmas.  Now I don’t have to keep borrowing my Moms but I just can’t wait to get started on something. 



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