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Bad Start to a New Year January 7, 2009

Filed under: Me — kristinskaleidoscope @ 6:00 pm

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I ended up being sick.  Elvis started off by getting sick on Christmas and then I got sick on the Monday afterwards and am still not over it.  The place where I work gives us the week from Christmas to New Years off.  I look forward to it every year, a week to be a stay at home mom, a week to get some cleaning done, and a week to work on my sewing projects.  Did I mention that every year I have been sick and unable to do any of these things.  I am so sick of being sick and hope to get better soon.  I was doing so well without catching a cold or anything yet and then I got this.  My son did end up having a good Christmas though and was very spoiled in between naps and Tylenol.  This was his third Christmas and was much more interested in presents then the years past.


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