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Movie Night January 28, 2009

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Elvis got to go and rent a movie and he picked out Lilo and Stitch.  This is my favorite part in the movie, especially where Lilo says to Stitch “Elvis must of had bad days too.”



Apron Model January 23, 2009

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Elvis Modeling Scooby-Doo Apron

Elvis Modeling Scooby-Doo Apron

Here is the apron Elvis and I made him last weekend.  It is reversible so he can wear it on the Scooby-Doo side or the McQueen side, which ever he feels like.

Elvis Modeling McQueen Apron

Elvis Modeling McQueen Apron


Sewing projects January 22, 2009

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Elvis has been “helping” me sew, at least that is what he calls it.  I have almost had him put stitches in my fingers three times now.  He sneaks over and presses the pedal all the way down.  I am trying to include him in the sewing and I let him cut the threads and help me guide the fabric so he will learn the proper way to use the sewing machine and not abuse it.  We made the “Uncle’s” puppies vests since they get so cold here in the Valley where we live.  They were very easy and quick to make.  We got the pattern from here at

Elvis as Batman

Elvis as Batman

Elvis also wanted to show “Uncle’s” his Batman pajamas and mask on Tuesday when he went over to their house for the day.  He was so excited and wanted me to make sure that the mask was on and his coat was off before he went in to see them, even though the morning was very cold.  My mom snapped some pictures of him.  Notice how he is modeling and showing off his cape.


Weekend Update January 19, 2009

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Baby Elvis Sleeping

Baby Elvis Sleeping

My weekend went so much better then my week last week.  I hope it continues on this week.  Elvis and I got a lot done this weekend, which always makes me feel better.  We were still recovering from our colds we had so we took a nap both days and was it good to take a nap!  We also made it to the Library, we have not had a chance to go since it has been cold and we have been sick.  We got many books and some movies. 

Clifford BookElvis is into Clifford the Big Red Dog this week and wanted those books, and we found a movie of him. 

"Be My Dishcloth"

"Be My Dishcloth"

My friend Katie showed me how to purl and sent me this design for a washcloth. It is called “Be My Dishcloth” and it is found here at KrisKnits.  I started it this weekend.  It doesn’t look like this lady’s but it is my first with a design and my first experience purling.  I hope it turns out alright.


Elvis decided he wanted cake this weekend, since we had to go grocery shopping I let him pick out what kind of cake and we worked hard Sunday making a cake with sprinkles on top.  Everything is better with sprinkles on top!  My Grandma made me an apron for Christmas and Elvis has been very jealous of it.  So we bought Scooby-doo fabric and Lightning McQueen fabric and made him an apron.  He was very good at modeling it for me.


Bad Days January 15, 2009

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Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite

I hope my two readers are having better days then I have been having.  With everyone being sick at work , I have had to be covering their jobs as well as doing my own.  Elvis has also been sick and doing a nightly puking thing right after dinner(Oh so much fun to clean up, yuk!).  I had water issues in one of my bathrooms which ended up going through to the other bathroom downstairs.  I also am still trying to get better and got a cold to top it all off.  So this post, I am hoping, will be turning it all around.  I am going to try very hard to have a Rainbow Brite kind of day where I know things will get better, I know that things could be worse and am thankful for what I have, I am just a little worn out from everything hitting these last couple days.

I always try to remember my favorite Bible verse when things feel like they are piling up:    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  –  Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)


Weekend Plans January 9, 2009

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"Sweet Dreams (Little Cowboy)"
“Sweet Dreams (Little Cowboy)”

Elvis and I are reading a daily devotional for kids.  So far it is going good and he reminds me every night that we need to read.  He is having a little trouble figuring out why we pray and told me “(Elvis) does not understand why we pray”.  He always talks in third person and it sounded so cute that it was hard to take him serious, but my goal for this Sabbath is to help him understand why we pray.   

I am feeling a lot better, if only my ear would clear up.  I am hoping my feeling better will result in getting a lot done over the weekend.  I really need to do some house work since I have not had much energy from being sick to pick up much and keep on top of it through out the week.  I also have so many projects running through my head that I would like to get started on.  My Mom and Dad got me my own sewing machine for Christmas.  Now I don’t have to keep borrowing my Moms but I just can’t wait to get started on something. 



Bad Start to a New Year January 7, 2009

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I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I ended up being sick.  Elvis started off by getting sick on Christmas and then I got sick on the Monday afterwards and am still not over it.  The place where I work gives us the week from Christmas to New Years off.  I look forward to it every year, a week to be a stay at home mom, a week to get some cleaning done, and a week to work on my sewing projects.  Did I mention that every year I have been sick and unable to do any of these things.  I am so sick of being sick and hope to get better soon.  I was doing so well without catching a cold or anything yet and then I got this.  My son did end up having a good Christmas though and was very spoiled in between naps and Tylenol.  This was his third Christmas and was much more interested in presents then the years past.