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Merry Christmas to All! December 24, 2008

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merry_christmas_mangor_pictureMy son woke up this morning and told me that “Santa comes tonight”.  This year my son is 2 1/2 and knows a lot more about what is going on then the years in the past.  He knows how to open presents and knows that they are usually toys.  I am trying to start traditions with him and also to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.  For his first Christmas we got him a Little People Nativity and have added a part every year. 

Fisher Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People

I wanted him to have a Nativity he could touch and play with since I remember playing with ours even though we broke pieces of it now and then.  On Christmas Eve we set all the Little People up and he plays with them as we read him the story of the first Christmas out of the Bible.  He has already asked many more questions about his Nativity so I think he will enjoy the story tonight.


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